Class of '67. Still here.

Actually, I hated GLS:all the sadistic and the racist moments I experienced for 6 years from faculty and staff . . . and still remember vividly at 71.  However, I admit, my classical ed has served me and I truly made some wonderful friends (and one or two teachers who DIDN'T regularly tell me, as a Black girl, I was wasting a space at GLS).  I sought out a diverse group of women, who made me laugh and helped me know how important it is to be surrounded by smart, thoughtful, inquisitive people of all backgrounds.  They, and my family, were the foundations of my feminism. I'd love to know where and how some folks are.  Please feel free to contact me to say hello. 

Although I am struggling with the concept of a gender-integrated school. I am impressed by the expanded offerings on campus.  I wish they had been available to us.  It does feel similar to gentrification in that I'm happy for the new amenities, but sad it took the influx of a new group to make it possible.   I am hoping a deeper connection to the Association might make me feel part of this hybrid.

I am a psychotherapist in SF and an applied researcher formulating collaboratively standards of care for otherwise underserved people (e.g. unhoused, African American and other POC, women including transwomen)
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